How To Finance A Local Church Or Ministry And Have Money Left Over At The End Of The Year

Between January 1–Good Friday: Sow Firstfruits Seed as a Congregation.

  •  This will serve to finance the ministry of the APOSTLE/SENIOR PASTOR.  
  • Every Family or Giving Unit is invited to participate.
  • 2% of the expected annual income or 1week’s salary is the goal.
  • This is the “Faith Seed” for the year for the Church’s families.


On a weekly or other regular basis: Invest the Tithe to water/nurture the Seed.  

  • This will serve to finance the ministry of the HOUSE/OTHER MINISTERS.
  • The tithes support all the services/ministries of the House itself.
  • 10% of income/increase is the goal for each giving unit.
  • The “tithe of the tithe” goes to the Apostle/Senior Pastor.
  • This is the “Thanksgiving Offering” for the harvest as it is reaped.


On an occasional basis: Give Free-will Offerings.

  •  These will serve to support Outreach/Mission ministries.
  • The offerings are purpose-driven and mission-based.
  • These are “love in action” gifts to build the Kingdom of God.
  • They may be given to either local or trans-local causes as God leads.


On an occasional basis: Give Alms.

  •  These alms are need-based and serve to bring relief to hurting people.
  • These alms are the benevolence of the people extended to others.