Seven Steps To Peace Of Mind - Psalm 37:1-11

  1. Fret (charah) not yourself – hang tight; it will pass. Don’t get worked up and bothered.
  2. Trust (batach) in the Lord and do good – focus on Him; attach yourself to the Lord and rely on Him.
  3. Delight (anag) yourself in the Lord – Get pliable to Him; not pliable to the circumstances.
  4. Commit your way to Him; He has it under control.
  5. Rest in the Lord; roll everything on Him; Sabbath (shabatth); sit still
  6. Cease from anger.
  7. Forsake wrath; relinquish, let go.


  •  V. 9 - Wicked destroyed; circumstances destroyed; IT ALL DISAPPEARS
  • V. 10 – Meek and lowly possess the land; come into your destiny; become what God has planned. Delight themselves in the abundance of peace (shalom); so rich; more than needed; abundance.