The Spiritual Father - Son Relationship

This relationship goes beyond employer and employee, leader and follower, teacher and learner. It might include some or all of these, but it is more. We will consider the Roots, Rewards, and Responsibilities of the Spiritual Father/Son relationship.

How To Confront As A Leader

People feel rejected and insignificant if they are not confronted – in love – when they do wrong. It ministers concern and acceptance to them. Many people have died spiritually and morally due to a lack of confrontation.

The Power Of A Father's Voice

Every child deserves to hear his/her father’s voice say: “I love you!”, “You matter to me!”, “I believe in you!” Clearly, definitely, and OFTEN!!! The only times that the Father spoke to Jesus with His voice are in Matthew 3:17 and Matthew 17:5. Our children tend to live up to the affirmation they receive from us.

Small Things That Release Great Destiny

“The great things of your destiny come from the small things you do daily!” There will always be obstacles and problems to overcome in order to accomplish God’s assignment. By the Spirit discern and know clearly what is the problem that stands between you and what God has called you to do and be.

The Man - Woman God Uses

“Blessed is the man that heareth me; watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.” The most important and difficult task for the man/woman of God today is to take his life out of the hands of others (world/church) and put it into the hands of God.

The Father's Blessing

“Blessing” is one of the most important words in Scripture. [Hundreds of times in all kinds of context]. There are several aspects of blessing–God blesses us, we bless God, the blessed life IS conditional and God gives us the right to bless others. 

Four Characteristics Of The Call Of God

Every person created upon the earth has a special and unique calling and anointing from God. It's personal, purposeful, practical and powerful. And you must respond to this call while it's warm and alive within you. 

Becoming An Arrow of God

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Your Success Seed

If your vision is greater than your self-image, you will sabotage your success. Success is conformity to inner destiny. Inside every failure is a success struggling to get out. Your inner seed is your key to success.